Standard Sack It is the most appropriate and economic packaging product for all sectors and products in terms of loading capacity, cost and reliability. It is mostly used in agricultural and industrial sectors.
standart bigbag   Laminated SackPolypropylene laminated sacks are made by pulling film on the standart sacks. It has waterproofing, moisture proofing and dust proofing  feature by lamination.
standart bigbag   Cotton SackIt is a sack to protecting foodstuffs for a long time. It doesn’t contain %100 PP and it is suitable for all sectors and all product about reliability. It is used in packing of all foodstuffs.
standart bigbag   Metallised Sack It is a coating types for increasing attractiveness of the product. It is used in all product which has small microns.
    Use Areas :Packaging of staple foods like sugar, salt, flour. Packaging of legumes like rice, cracked wheat, dried beans, pea, and lentil

Packaging of oily dried fruits like corn, nuts, wallnut, peanut,  chestnut, sunflower seed, pumkin seed Packaging of cereals like barley and wheat

Packaging of vegetables like green beans, pea, horsebean, kidney bean, paprika, Packaging of textiles, cotton and tobacco

Packaging of various seeds, hays, feeding stuff and fertilizer Packaging of construction materials like cement, plaster, lime, ceramics glue, sand and pebble

Packaging of various chamical agents in solid, dust and granule form.


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