standart bigbag   Standard Big Bag In response to costumer demands with around 2.000 kg loading capacity are standart products. Generally it is the main product for all sectors.

Use Area: Standard Big-Bag Sacks are usually used in agriculture, construction and mine sectors. With its optional, special product nylon component, it enables food and chemical products to be carried.

standart bigbag   Conductive Big BagIt is produced in different models according to the usage. Because of their UV resistance, sunlight doesn’t damage them. Reduces static electricity during transfer substance. It must be filled under control. It is transfering static electricity to the ground against the risk of explosion. It emits static electricity into the atmosphere under control. It doesn’t require ground connection.
standart bigbag   Ventilated Big BagMade of a special ventilated fiber, this big bag is used in packaging of the products that require air circulation.  

Use Area: Ventilated big bag sacks are usually used on carriage of agricultural products like nuts and potatoes and wood.

standart bigbag   Q BagQ bags should be chosen in order to use the area for carried and stocked optimally. With panels located inside the product is intended to be more upright. It saves place during stocking and loading.

Use Area: It is preferred for low micron products.

standart bigbag   Cross CornerPer customer request, they can be produced in various size and features like fill and empty, move and store. It saves space during transportation and storage. By means of the panels seamed between the edges of fabrics, it preserves its cubic shape after the filling is done. Use Area: It is ideal and economical storage equipment for granules and small size materials like minerals, chemicals, certain construction materials, agricultural and food products.
standart bigbag   Container BagContainer (Liner) Bag, it is economical transportation system. It is designed to transport dry bulk cargos as powder or granules into a container. It has wide volume. If you use container liner bag, you can bring bulk cargo by truck to the port, you can fill them into a container by pneumatic equipments. This system can be use for such as wheat, lentil, chickpea, rice, and some similar dry bulk cargos. 

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